AIM: 02 Commonly used instruments in experimental pharmacology. Practical Pharmacolgy -1

 AIM: 2 Commonly used instruments in experimental pharmacology.

In spite of a a tremendous development in electronic device and recording systems are followed in institution in a research laboratory some common instruments are used in experimental pharmacology.

  • Organ bath

The tissue bath used to studying the drug actions is called student organ bath this was first designed by Rudolph magnus in 1904 the organ bath essentially consist of

1.An outer jacket made of UP of steel or glass for perspex.

  1. The inner organ or tissue but made up of glass with a capacity bearing from 10 to 50 ml.
  2. Thermo statically controlled heating rod.
  3. Stirrer to keep the water in the outer jacket at uniform temperature.
  4. Oxygen or delivery class to which also serve as tissue holder.
  5. Glass coil one end of which is connected having the the physiological salt sodium.

the student organ bath having two units of unit is to bath is called a double unit organ bath..


  • Rotarod apparatus

For the study of muscles relaxant property of diazepam in mike the loss of muscle grip in an indicator of muscle relaxation this effect can be studied in animals using and inclined plan for rotating roads.

  • Actophotometer

It is used to study CNS depressant property of chloropromazine on the locomotor activity of mic CNS depressant drugs like alcohol reduce the motor activity with the stimulants like caffeines increases the activity the actophotometer operates on photoelectric cells which is connected in circuit with counter.

  • Electro convulsiometer

study the anticonvulsant activity of  phenytoin against electro convulsiometer induced in mouse. The electric shock is applied through the the corneal electrodes. It produced by phase such as tonic flexion , tonic extensor, clonic convulsions, stupor, and recover.

  • Pole climbing apparatus

PCA is used to studies the anxiolytic activity in rat and Mice. The  principle of pole climbing apparatus is form on a neurochemical mechanism of enzyme it disorder drugs example benzo diazepam.

  • Analgesiometer.

Used to study the analgesic effect of drugs in rate.

  • Metabolic cage

Metabolic age are used to study the metabolic parameters such as faecal and urine for the study of purgative or laxative animal such as rat in mic are used.

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